Sedette Sandal Company Founders

Sedette Sandal Company was founded in 2016 by Amber Cummings, a footwear and textile designer, and Ian Sheeley, a mechanical engineer; two Americans who found themselves living and working in the Netherlands.  Having fallen in love with vintage wooden sandals, Amber began conceiving a wooden clog that would use striking woven textiles as an alternative to leather.

The pair researched traditional wood joining techniques in order to use natural wooden pins (where others use nails and staples) and used a 3D printer to concept and critique different designs. After many months of design tests and one increasingly noisy 3D printer, Amber and Ian finished the development of their original mortise and tenon sole.  This design became the basis for Sedettes beech wood clogs.

Sedette Sandal Company is headquartered in North Carolina and is owned and operated by Amber and Ian, who hope you stay in contact and see whats next by joining Sedette's social media and email newsletter.