1. What makes your sandals different from other wooden sandals?

Sedette's sandals were designed to be vegan from the start.  We have developed a unique wooden sole that allows us to use textiles instead of leather to create a unique, animal-free, wooden sandal.

2. What are your sandals made of?

  • Soles: Natural beech wood
  • Textiles: Linen/cotton or polyester/cotton blend
  • Lining: PU
  • Heel Patch: PU
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Stitching: Cotton
  • Ankle tie: Polyester/cotton blend
  • Glue: Fully synthetic

3.  Are all of your sandals vegan?

Yes! We are dedicated to providing super cute animal free products.

4.  I've never bought wooden clogs before.  What should I expect?

You should expect an attractive, durable pair of sandals!  We strive to make our sandals stylish and versatile.  The sandal uppers will stretch a bit as you wear them and become more comfortable.  Since our sandals are handmade every pair will be different - slight wood color variations and natural markings can be expected and are signs of their uniqueness.  No one will have a pair of sandals quite like yours!

5.  The dowels/wooden pins poke out from the sides of the shoes, is this normal?

Yes! This is normal and expected.  The dowels/wooden pins will often not be flush with the side of the shoe. There will be some variation as these are handcrafted, but this is a part of the beauty of Sedette's original design.

6.  What size should I buy?

Sedette sandals run true to size. We recommend sizing up to the next larger size if you fall between sizes or if you have a wider foot.  Please see our fit guide for more information and if you are still unsure email us at

7.  What size does your cover model have and what size sandal is she wearing?

Olga wears a US 8 shoe and is wearing a US 8 Sedette Sandal.